Charlotte, North Carolina

09 Aug

The Charlotte skyline was a welcomed sight. Hauling the cats up to their last hotel room was a huge relief.

The cats, as many have asked, did great. Thankfully, most hotel rooms place boards under the beds to prevent pets from getting under there. Of course, Henry and Lily found ways to get stuck under or behind various pieces of furniture, but I am pleased with how well they did with all of the driving and transferring to and from the car.

Matt and I set up a pet barrier behind the driver and passenger seats and the back seat were folded down. This left a large, flat area that extended into the trunk. We placed a tarp over the area, followed by an old blanket. The litter box went in a back corner of the trunk and our one small suitcase went in the other. Between the suitcase and the litter box we put down a 9×13 aluminum pan which held small bowls of food and water (the pan caught spillage). The cats were transported in soft-sided carriers; opened at the last minute. Getting them back into their carriers when we were at our destinations was carefully choreographed as to not let them leap out of the car. Matt and I got quite good.

Henry was morose and easy to deal with. Lily on the other hand could be a royal terror. She hissed, whined, bit me multiple times and required some insane wrangling. In Nashville she gave me a look that seemed to say, “Tonight, you die.” as I was yanking her out of an impossible position in the back of the car.

Once in the hotel room, Henry, without fail, would make a beeline for the bed and burrow himself under the covers. Something he used to do as a kitten. I think Lily enjoyed the reprieve from her little brother’s harassment and would take her spot on the highest point in the room.

I have enjoyed this trek across the country. If we didn’t have to transport the cats, we would have made this journey much more of a “road trip”, but I am happy with the stops we made and the items I got to see. I did not spend a great deal of time talking with people, but the few I did interact with were pleasant (with the exception of the restaurant workers in Missouri) and interested in our move. Hearing the accents change was fun and a good reminder of how large this country really is.

Note: Oregon was the only state that had a “Thank You” sign when crossing the border. Go Beaver State!

Many, including myself, tend to write-off the South. The stereotypes are not kind and are unfair. I worry about what life will like in Charlotte; if my recycling, vegetable growing, public-transit taking, NASCAR hating, left-wing liberal lifestyle will mesh well.

But, there I go assuming again.

We settled into the hotel room in time to watch the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. At that moment I knew regardless of religion, political affiliation, race, sex or ZIP code, millions of my fellow Americans were doing the same.

How truly grand.

Complete photo album of the move can be found here.


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