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>As Promised


Today I find myself in Edmonton, thus ending the wilderness part of my trip. It is hard to describe the Rocky Mountains and the National Parks associated with them; my pictures hardly do them any justice.
How I’ve missed Douglas-firs, snow, gray skies, wool hats and breathing air with no humidity. This trip is only half over, but has done a world of good for my soul.
The Hoodoos
Bear sighting #1
Unknown bird
Bear sighting #2
Bear sighting #3
Big Horned Sheep
Big Horned Sheep
Juvenile Mountain Goats or Big Horned Sheep?
Bear sighting #4 – Female with two cubs
Lake Louise and Victoria Glacier

>Photos Thus Far


The Internet coverage has been questionable to non-existent, but I don’t really care. This is why I’m here.
And there are plenty more where these came from.

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day and take a moment to reflect.  I’m grateful for my grandfather’s service during WWII and hoping for my brother, Ben’s safe return from Afghanistan when his tour ends.

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>A Few of My Favorite Things

>Tomorrow I will be in the Canadian Rockies.

My suitcase is filled fleece, flannel, hiking shoes and rain boots.

Packing has been a reunion with old friends.


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>A Tale for Future Grandchildren

>”Wait, are you allowed back in Canada?”

“Well, it wasn’t a formal deportation.”

“Who clarifies this? The State Department? Canada?”

“Are you suggesting I just dial up Canada to ask if I can visit?”


“I’m in! But the ban on ever seeking employment there is still in effect.”

“Awesome. Bring back some moose.”


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