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>Hang On Little Tomato


A trip that wasn’t nearly long enough, but did the job.
Portland refugees met in Washington, DC for a glorious night with Pink Martini, one of the most loved musical acts to come out of the Rose City.  Lead singer, China Forbes was tending to damaged vocal cords so another Portland great, Storm Large filled in beautifully.
She sang multiple duets with NPR’s White House correspondent, Ari Shapiro (also from Portland and has previously recorded with Pink Martini) and I watched in amazement as a conga line formed on the floor of the Kennedy Center, while congressmen took the stage playing maracas and Scott Simon attempted to conduct the National Symphony Orchestra.
A nice Portland fix for those that find themselves far away. 

Pink Martini performs in 12 languages and has a musical style that is difficult to describe.  Part swing band, part jazz ensemble and part chamber orchestra all wrapped into a cabaret act.

And though the band gives incredible performances, it’s always a pleasure to watch Thomas Lauderdale play, he’s a brilliant pianist and the music he writes translates so well when they are accompanied by a full orchestra.

The night ended with tall drinks and wistful longings for previous residences.
Added bonus: I met magnolia.  She is lovely so the next time you’re in DC, do yourself a favor and find her.

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>This Made My Day


…and it’s only 6am.

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>Sleepyhead by Passion Pit

>Today, this made me happy.

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This makes me want to recall everyone in attendance at our wedding reception and do it again. Too bad the production company, LOCKDOWN projects is located in the UK.

Quite simply, this is the greatest wedding video ever. Brian and Eileen, I salute you.

Brian & Eileen’s Wedding Music Video. from LOCKDOWN projects on Vimeo.

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>I had two surprise e-mails this morning.

1: It was clear I was accidentally copied on a conversation between the hotel manager “G” and the caterer “K” managing my wedding. The caterer used a few choice phrases to describe me and my “recent behavior”.

In March I had sent K an e-mail with the final choices for dinner and some additional budget question that I needed answered. In April, I left her a voice mail as I did not get a reply from my e-mail. Early last week I re-sent my original e-mail with a note along the lines of “I hope you received this; probably an e-mail/Internet issue” and did not mention anything about the April voice mail. When Friday rolled around without a reply, I asked G if K was still employed there. G sent K a pleasant e-mail in which I was cc’d on. K made the well known mistake of hitting “reply all” versus “reply”.

Part of me is offended, but then I think, tis the season for weddings and K has probably been busy. That line of thought suggests I believe my wedding is not as important as everyone else. I should have called more often and can think of a million excuses of preoccupation. Later, while reading K’s sugary sweet e-mail to me, I could only picture a horror of the catering-type come October if I called her out on it.

2. I was hired by a relocation company as a private tutor to a Korean woman. She has recently moved to a Portland suburb with her family for her husband’s job. My contact at the relocation company sent me an e-mail asking for my expense report from May, which I show submitted on June 3rd. Normally, I couldn’t care less, but my April paycheck finally arrived June 16th. They’ve also confused who my student was on multiple occasions, misspelled my name, misspelled their name and given me incorrect call back telephone numbers. Getting paid would be nice, and I have a feeling my next check will be printed and sent after the move, setting forth a new set of confusing communication.

Overall, I know I should not be complaining; minor irritants at best. I’m not dependent upon these paychecks and my caterer has been great and very accommodating. When did I turn into this person? Letting the petty things get me down has been a lesson in self-realization: I’m probably in need of a major emotional overhaul.

My mood was temporarily lifted when, of all things, a Heineken commercial came on. In the last few years I’ve noticed advertisements using some great music, this one included. Hard to believe this song is 8 years old; was I really in college that long ago?

Artist: Chris Knox
Song: “It’s Love”
Album: Beat


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