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Tour of Accents: Part II

Part I found here.

If you ever find yourself in La Crosse, Wisconsin and do not visit Riverside Park, you will hate yourself forever.  And not just because of the spectacular views of the Mighty Mississippi, or the International Friendship Gardens, but because delightful elderly gentlemen on their morning constitutionals, will stop to tell you jokes in the most adorable of Midwest accents.

After too many deep-fried cheese curds (USA! USA! USA!) and not nearly enough time to explore, we boarded a plane to Philadelphia.

And I said good-bye to a tiny part of the American Midwest, where I saw my first Amish buggy, listened to a lady play “Eleanor Rigby” on an accordion, walked down flag-lined Main Streets and a bit of my childhood come to life despite me growing up thousands of miles away.

Philly reunited me with traveling members of the Timbers Army and though the Sons of Ben did not hold back with the high-brow “Fuck You” chant, Union fans seemed impressed by the opponent’s fan base that traveled from the other side of the country.

A massive rain delay drove away most of the crowd, but not us.  It was a pleasure to watch the Braves go down in flames during my first visit to Citizens Bank Park.  With the ballpark as empty as it was, every drunken insult could be heard loud and clear; Philadelphia’s sports fans are…memorable.

We spent a few days relaxing with The Husband’s family in New Jersey, which made leaving more difficult for him.

Our final day of vacation was 11 September.  We rented a car a began the 10-hour drive because I felt strange flying.  And with sad reflections clouding my thoughts, Charlotte’s skyline came into view.


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Onward Rose City

My beloved Portland Timbers just lost their seventh in a row.  And number seven was especially heartbreaking as it happened at home and to our biggest rival, the Seattle Sounders.

Without question, the Timbers-Sounders rivalry is fiercest in the MLS and has been in place since before the MLS existed.  A little known fact: my father played for the Timbers in the 1970s and 80s; some of my earliest memories are of watching his practices.

This is probably why I was the weird kid that would yell at classmates for being offside during recess; they just wanted to kick the ball around and I would spout out rules in terminology that was foreign to most American children.

The Timbers have no one to blame but themselves for losing this match.  They blew it, the defense was sloppy, but holy shit, do I love this team.  Hearing the Army chant, seeing the flags, the scarves and the Portland skyline on television renews my soul.  I feel more connected to a community 3,000 miles away than the people I see when I step out my front door.

And despite a horrific second half that lead to one of the most gut-wrenching and just plain sad losses, I will cheer for my boys in green until the end.  This team has been present for nearly my entire life and there are not too many things, or people, with which I can say the same.

Chin up, Portland.  We’re not in last place (that’s reserved for Vancouver!), but even if we were, who the hell cares?  Rose City ’til I die!


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